You used to laugh and mock me

Beat me up without necessarily..

..having a reason or having a laugh

Now I’ma make you scream like a kalf


This time i’ll make you regret your deeds

It’s only hate that feeds me

This is the time I’ma raise you higher

Feel my breath whilste I spit fire



Is it really rough enough for ya?

Or do you still think you’re pretty tough guy, do ya?

Is it rough enough for ya?

Stop lying through your teeth and just start crying at my feet


You can hit, you can run

But you won’t be abe to move when I’m done

I’ll only have one goal

That’s to slice you up, dice you up and sell your soul


You're out of my head

No more fights or warfare

This time I took you down

And I'm gonna wear the crown in this town





Damn I’m sweaty, what is this?

Damn it was all a dream

That what are all those?

Aah Shit

They’re bloody clothes...